JCO Consulting Services has been officially on the web since 1999 though we've been online in one form or another for considerably longer. From the 110 baud rate California State University inter-campus network of the late '70s through Prodigy and CompuServe, and finally onto the modern web, we've been there.

We've also dealt with everything from room-sized mainframe computers designed in the '60s to smart phones and we know that there is nothing more fickle than current technology. So we know how to innovate and adapt.

Currently, we specialize in applications for the agricultural industry. Irrigation scheduling, crop database management, and all things ag related.

We also know a thing or two about instrumentation and controls for pumps, water flow and pressure measuring devices, and developing software to use them.

Our tasks over the years has led us into some oddball areas. Do you have an old Slow Scan Television .HRZ file you'd like to see? Or perhaps some old X-ray images in Dicom format that no one ever heard of? If so, visit our Graphics section.

Finally, we have other interests around here so visit the Ford Stuff section to browse the old Fomoco Obsolete bulletin boards or read some articles or maybe even buy something you can't live without.