Ford Stuff
We have other interests around here and among them are old Fords. Below are some old forums, articles that have been published here and there, and even some stuff for sale.
CodeCracker An easy to use, yet well-researched 1965 through 1973 Mustang dataplate decoder.
Classic Mustang Forum This is the old Classic Mustang forum from FoMoCo Obsolete. Take a trip down memory lane with a modern twist on the olden days of bulletin boards.
FoMoCo Obsolete FE Forum This is the old FE forum from FoMoCo Obsolete. It's where the knuckledraggers used to hang out.
Brushstrokes of the Old Masters Article on restoring center consoles. Originally published at Classic Fords Online, edited by Allen Cross.
Details, details... Article on reproducing battery stickers for Autolite batteries.
Show and Tell A brief history of Ford promotional 8 tracks. Thanks to Dave Hammar for some details and images.
For Sale A few odds and ends we've collected over the years that are available to add to your collection.