Free Stuff
We've got some old things laying around that some of you might find useful. First, if you have some oddball image formats, Graphics Info Viewer for VB5 and later is some old VB5 code that was modified by Richard A. Raisley from some even older VB3 code that will dig through those old images and give you whatever info it can find in there such as size, resolution, comments, and other info depending on the format.
Then, we have an archive extractor - Archive Viewer that can open old ARC, ARJ, GZip, LHarc, PAK, PIT, SEA, SIT, TAR, ZIP, and ZOO archives. AV will also decompress UNIX Compress, Pack, SCO LZH Compress, and Microsoft COMPRESS.EXE files. Archive Viewer was developed in cooperation with Peter Bach of which doesn't appear to be around any longer.

Finally, we have ListEx - Custom List Box that might come in useful if you have any clients that refuse to give up on XP.